The Force Unleashed’s Intern of the Sith Appears in Soul Calibur

Another day, another Soul Calibur video. But this one shows that Starkiller, the “secret apprentice” of Darth Vader who just coincidentally will be starring in The Force Unleashed videgame/book/comic/action figure-a-palooza later this year, will be joining the videogame brawl along with Darth Vader and Yoda. So this video raises a number of questions:
? Is there anyone in the Star Wars universe more boring looking than Starkiller? He looks like the generic white guy from the Bourne videogame.
? Was that Maxi holding the Soul Edge in the video? Will there be an evil set of nunchuks now? I’d dig that immensely.
?Is it wrong for me to blush with excite that this dude’s name is Starkiller, as per Luke Skywalker’s original name in the first Star Wars scripts? Because it makes me embarrassingly happy.
? Are you guys sick of Soul Calibur videos? Because I doubt I can stop.