The Greatest American Hero Joins Heroes, Talks About His Crotch

I’ve just been saved by the Greatest American Hero! Here I was, desperately trying to find some news that was the bullshit nonsense about how much and if Marvel was paying for Jon Favreau’s directorial services on Iron Man 2, or the equal nonsense about a Captain America cameo in Incredible Hulk, which director Louis Leterrier swears in in there despite all reviewers swearing it isn’t?anyways, William Katt has come to the rescue by saying he just finished wrapping up filming a few episodes of Heroes.

Apparently, Katt plays a reporter who hassles Niki/Jessica, possibly about why she’s so goddamn annoying and yet so useless (it’s what I’d hassle her about). Katt tells Newsarama:

A guest star on recent episodes of House M.D. and JAG, Katt says his Heroes character was a “really fun role” for him to play, although the character doesn’t have powers. “He has the power of persuasion. That’s what he has,” he said, then added with a laugh,” and no red suit. But periodically, you might see me pop up in that red suit somewhere on TV.”

“If Robert Downey can get in a hero suit, then what the heck? I’m ready to jump back into the spandex, you know? They have to do something about the crotch, though. It sags,” he laughs. “You’ll have to watch the TV Land Awards and see what happens. Then you’ll probably say, ‘Oh my god! I wish I hadn’t seen that!’ But I had a lot of fun.”

Mmm…William Katt’s sagging crotch. There’s an image I needed.