Tonner Raids Tomb, Finds Doll Masterpiece

If you’ve gotten burned out on Lara Croft because of the long slew of terrible Tomb Raider games, I understand. If you don’t like Tonner’s dolls because of their femmy, creepy baby faces, I also understand. If you were irked because Tonner’s “mystery” for the toy they were revealing at Wizard World Chicago was stupid because anyone with three firing synapes in their brains could tell it was Lara Croft, I understand. If you’ve never liked the Tomb Raider games or Lara Croft for basically having huge virtual tits, I understand as well.

But no matter what, I think you have to admit this thing is gorgeous. She’s 17-inches tall, has rooted hair that doesn’t look like shit, and is only $125. You can order her here.