Belated SDCC: Random Toy Round-Up’s got a swell gallery of SDCC revealed figures, so rather than poach a bunch of pics from ’em, I figured I’d just list the ones you guys were likely most interested in, and link to those specific galleries. Enjoy.

? Futurama
For some reason, Toynami has changed the figures in their second three waves of Futurama toys like 18 times. The short version: you can now see pics of Wave 4’s Fry as Captain Yesterday and Nudar (the alien nudist from Bender’s Big Score), and Wave 5’s Super King Bender and Calculon here. So by inference, that pushes Leela as Clobberella to Wave 6, along with Amy Wong (who seems to be replacing Lrrr). Toynami, if you’re reading, I still want Lrrr. And the Professor. And Hermes. And Scruffy, goddammit. Please give me Scruffy.
? Cult Classics
NECA showed off the same two Conan the Barbarian toys, but did have a new Regan from The Exorcist, this time in her bed. She’s just looking menacing, and not furiously masturbating with a cross, if you were wondering. I was. Because that’s the action figure I want least in the entire world. See her here.

? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
NECA did add figues of comic-accurate Shredder, his Foot soldiers, and best of all, Krang. Krang! Pics are here.

? Indie Spotlight
If you want to see the finished version of The Maxx and The Tick from Shocker Toys, click here. The Maxx looks great, but The Tick leaves me feeling kind of empty inside. Thank goodness for sweet, healing booze!