Belated SDCC: The Punisher Will Shoot You in the Goddamn Face

And that’s if he likes you. Seriously, apparently some footage of the upcoming Punisher: War Zone movie got shown at SDCC, and folks like EW thought it was a bit lackluster. I’ve not really sure what they’re talking about, because this new red-band clip is pretty awesome (if you ignore the terrible, terrible music being used). There’s about five times as much action in this trailer as in the entirety of the previous Punisher movie, most of which concerns very painful things happening to people’s heads. Plus, and I’m hardly a big Punisher fan, but Ray Stevenson looks dead on (to me) as Frank Castle (especially Tim Bradstreet’s art), and his unemotional expression as he kills about a jillion people in rapid succession is pretty sweet. So what’s the deal? Am I missing something? I mean, I know it’s not going to be The Dark Knight, but I’m genuinely looking forward to this.