Hayden Pantierre Is Forced to Touch Filthy Nerds

Hee hee hee! Guys, every time you think it’s all right to be a nerd, that The Dark Knight is tops at the box office is because of our power, or that really no one cares anymore if you’re a 20-something that collects action figures or plays D&D, I want you to remember this incredible picture of Heroes‘ Hayden Pantierre at San Diego Comic Con, forced by her publicist to shake hands with the sweaty, nerdy masses, and remember the face she makes while simultaneously pouring antibacterial soap on her hands to kill the cooties. Remember.

Magazines can print all the articles they want about how it’s cool to be a nerd nowadays, but this is the fucking truth?the cheerleader still wants nothing to do with us. (Via Drunken Stepfather)