Iron Man Cartoon Very Foggy on Concept of “Man”

Here’s a trailer for the new Iron Man: Armored Adventures cartoon, which holds a few surprises. One, I didn’t know it was fully CG, but it’s got a cel-shaded look which seems nice enough. Two, the Mandarin is now a Darth Vader wanna-be in a huge suit of goofy-looking armor, which also doesn’t bother me, since it probably makes more sense for him as an Iron Man villain than his normal design. Three is what’s confusing me, as all of the characters including Tony Stark, James Rhodes and Pepper Potts, appear to be 12 years old, which is a little disconcerting. Oh, and Iron Man has a dad who dies for maximum Batman-ishness (although dressing up in a suit of power armor is more reasonable than dressing like a bat). All in all, if you were looking for a gritty, highly accurate Iron Man cartoon to debut on Nickelodeon next year, you’re shit out of luck.