Mo’ Clone Wars Footage, Mo’ Troubles

Things I hate about this new clip from The Clone Wars cartoon, about the Clonetroopers:

? The Clonetrooper doing his jiujitsu moves in the middle of a firefight. You already have people that would do this kind of ludicrous, impractical moves during a battle, and they’re called Jedi. Clonetroopers are soldiers. Please relearn your own setting.

? The Clone Pilot saying “I can’t shake him!” Yes, you fuckheads, you’ve made another reference to the original trilogy. But you’ve long since passed the point where you’re not making references, you are just unable to write new dialog. Do you have a bad feeling about this? Yeah, me too. Fuckheads.

? The director’s explanation that the Jedi are having a positive influence on the clones, and thus making them dye their hair and give themselves profoundly stupid mohawks. First off, that’s dumb. Second of all, the Jedi wear big brown robes and force their apprentices to have rat-tails?they know less about fashion than anyone else in the galaxy. Third, this is dangerously close to having the Jedi teach the Clonetroopers how to love. Fourth, why not just have the troopers want to express their own individuality, which would primarily be through their hair? Why does it have to be the Jedi? I could stand the ridiculous hairstyles if it had been their own thing, and I probably would have thought it was (marginally) cool.

? The director wearing that fedora to the interview. You’re not Indiana Jones, dickweed?you’re a cartoon director. And you’re inside. Stop being an ass.