MTV Decides to Make One Lazy Invincible Cartoon

Robert Kirkman’s Invincible comic is awesome. This is a known fact. So the fact that MTV has decided to animate it into a 36-part web cartoon over at should also be awesome, right? Well, not exactly. I’ll let Comic Book Resources explain it:

?Invincible: The Series? takes the actual pages of Kirkman and Walker?s comic book and animates them through a process called Bomb-X. The stories are filled with motion, music and vocal performances similar to those of a traditionally produced cartoon.

You;ll have to head here to see the trailer to see what they’re talking about, but basically it involves having the comic panels show on screen and the word balloons slowly fill out as the characters speak, much like one would expect from those old generic PC “make your own comic” programs on CD from 1996 or so. Oh, and the camera shakes a little over the panels, giving it a hand-held look…although it’s like someone holding a hand-held camera to a comic book. Sure the art is great?it’s the same art from the comic?and it’s better than not having any Invincible cartoon at all, but I think the makers should not be touting the Bomb-X process, if not be outright embarrassed about it.