No, Hello Kitty Expects You to Live and Suffer

After the apocalypse, there is only Hello Kitty…and those who choose to survive and live in her hellish world of war and pink ribbons. To do that, you’ll definitely need the Hello Kitty Disaster Kit, which includes the following:

? A flame retardant blanket to put out Keroppi when the mad cultists of Badtz Maru set him on fire
? A disaster hood to keep infected mutant Twinkle Stars blood off you when you hack them with your crude axe
? An emergency buzzer to let people know that Pochacco is on his rape-prowl again
? A pouch for storing salt-cured human flesh, as cannibalism will be the norm
? A cute backback

Peace of mind is certainly worth 9800 yen, don’t you think? (Via Japanator)