SDCC: Tr2n Trailer as Awesome as Name Is Stupid

A close second in awesomeness to Evil Dead 4 is this massively bootlegged footage of the Tron 2?or, more accurately and stupidly, Tr2n?teaser trailer, which is a thing of beauty. It really does look like the original flick, with only slightly updated light cycles, but animated with today’s technology. The guys in the computer are CG-animated?which is fine, since 1) they are in a computer, and 2) Jeff Bridges isn’t necessarily at his physical peak. But speaking of Bridges?what the hell is going on in this trailer? Has he gotten old and turned evil, like so many before him? Is he just a dick, one of those bad winners who cruelly kill his opponents and electronically teabag their corpses, a la Halo? He’s yellow, for god’s sake! Anything is possible!