Superman, the Flash and Catwoman Pummeled By Mortal Kombatants

As promised, Gametrailers did indeed have the first footage of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, particularly Superman, the Flash and Catwoman in action. this is aggravating for two different reasons?1) Gametrailers did not make a separate video of the footage, meaning I (and thus you) can’t watch the footage without a totally uninformative interview with MK creator Ed Boon and some MK producer you’ve never heard of, plus the Street Fighter IV anime intro (which involves waaaay too little fighting) is smack in the middle of the above video?if you wait two minutes, there’s a lot more MK Vs. DC footage afterwards.

The second problem is that watching the Flash fight/move in the sluggish MK fighting engine (and get beat up by Sonya Blade) or watching Superman inexplicably not fly at all during a brawl with Scorpion is every bit as annoying as you’d imagine. Despite the brilliant excuse of “magic” for putting DC’s preposterously powered heroes on the MK level, it’s still shitty versions of DC heroes. That’s not to say it’s a total loss?both Batman and Catwoman seem pretty reasonable, and Superman has lite versions of his heat vision, cold breath and can actually pull enemies in by inhaling. But it’s hardly Superman, and I have a hard time believing DC fans are going to be satisfied with it, or the Flash, or Green Lantern when he’s surely announced and prefers his fists over using his power ring, or whoever.

Sadly, the coolest thing I saw was Superman grabbing Scorpion and running him through about five buildings before tossing him to the ground, which I thought was very Superman (it was shown in Chapter 1 of the Gametrailers show). But as the above video shows, Scorpion can do it too?in fact he does it to Superman?which means probably everyone in the game can do it, probably even Catwoman. Which is stupid.