The Dark Knight Won’t Stop Returning

Did you see that terrible bootleg of the first 5-minutes of The Dark Knight? Now you can watch it again in a far less terrible version?perfect to take up some time as you wait for the three-day weekend to start, whether you’re an office drone or a pantsless blogger who needs at least one more entry before he can get hammered (since I was drunk at about 11 this morning). Enjoy!

Oh, one more thing?if you’ve been following this Robin brouhaha, with some folks thinking he’d never work in a movie, and some folks like Jeph Loeb saying he could?I might point out that while nothing is impossible, adding Robin into a Batman movie and not having it be stupid is hard?plus, to make it work, you have to do the Batman-as-dad thing, which won’t work for the early Year One-ish Batman that these current movies are covering. So there, I guess.