The Rivers Are Running Red with Blood, Cats and Dogs Are Living Together, and Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming to Xbox 360

Holy. Fucking. Shit. This generation of console wars is officially over, and it’s a tie, because Square Enix says that Final Fantasy XIII?whose trailer above made me actually lick my computer monitor in lust?is coming to the Xbox 360. There’s now absolutely zero big exclusive games that should be swaying people to the PS3’s side, and despite the fact that I’ve been a big Sony apologist, the I have to admit the Xbox is cheaper and has Live.

Alas, poor Sony?as it turns out, you shouldn’t have made your little so fucking expensive and expected us all to buy it without hesitation. Oh, yeah?this doesn’t count for Japan, where it appears that Final Fantasy XIII is still a PS3 exclusive. But that’s like making it a PS3 exclusive in Antarctica, which probably has the same number of Xbox 360 owners as Japan.