Video Trifecta: Max Payne, The Force Unleashed, Absolute Mind-Shattering Insanity

Okay, I feel compelled to post the Max Payne movie trailer because it’s a movie based on a videogame, which is TR‘s bread (while movies based on comics are the butter). But it look so uninterestingly bad that I beg all of you to go watch the R-rated trailer for Black Dynamite instead?especially you movie nerds).

? If you remember my rant about that Clone Wars clip early this week, I submit this video (you have to watch it at of The Force Unleashed videogame as proof that I am not just someone who bitches about everything. This trailer makes me love the game?between slicing the AT-ST in half and throwing a lightsaber through a tree into a wookiee’s head?although I’m sure the story will be as dumb as anything else. So it’s not me. It’s them.

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