All Hail the Mona Leia

The world is a better place this morning, because now I know the Mona Leia is part of it. From the keen-eyed /Film:

Jim Hance created this wonderful parody of Leonardo Da Vinci?s famous painting The Mona Lisa using Princess Leia from George Lucas? Star Wars. The paining recently sold on ETSY, and unfortunately Jim has promised to never duplicate the design or make prints. The Mona Leia is hand painted with acrylics on canvas board, and framed in a Gold painted wooden frame with gray accents.

I regret not being able to order a print of this wonderful piece, but still, I’m happy just knowing this thing exists. And that it might inspire other artists to take classic works of art and Star Wars-ize ’em. Or at least a few photoshoppers.