Christopher Lee Knows Booze Really Heals

If you were to attack me with a shovel, split open my skull, and look into my cavernous head, you wouldn’t find brains, but instead a constant re-enactment of this song, where Christopher Lee sings first about the virtues of booze, then how awful not drinking is, and finally threateningly about what might happen if you don’t have some booze. It’s a wonderfully bizarre clip from an old movie called The Return of Capatin Invincible, where Lee plays a supervillain named Mr. Midnight and fights Alan Arkin. I’ve never seen the film, but I love this song (written by Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s Richard O’Brien)?I don’t know that there’s anything on God’s green earth that sums me up more.

So it isn’t exactly news, but it is a swell way to let you know that I’ll be taking off Labor Day with the rest of your poor working stiffs, and Topless Robot will be back on Tuesday, September 2nd. Have a good weekend, and make sure to have a drink, or Christopher Lee will send people to beat the living shit out of you.