Everybody Loves the Clone Wars

“Everybody” being 12 of the 58 reviews collected over at Rotten Tomatoes, who?at the time of this posting?give Clone Wars a 21%. Let’s check out some of these glowing reviews, shall we?

? Instead of getting something special, you?re left with the impression the last few dollars are being wrung from a franchise that should?ve been put to bed 25 years ago. Still, kids should enjoy it.

? Oh, George Lucas. Please stop diluting the franchise.

? John Williams? music elbowed in favour of Kevin Kiner?s pale imitations? Little things that jar and jar, but at least there?s no Jar Jar.

? The crisp pacing offers a surprising low-key charm, and the characters even look a bit like hand-crafted, hand-painted wood!

Seriously?those are the positive reviews. The characters look like wood! Whee! I’ll be watching this weekend?wishing desperately that I could go see Tropic Thunder instead?and will have my review up Monday morning. Just so you guys know, the fact the the character models look like wood will not be counted as a positive in my book.