The Dragonball Saga, as Rapped In Spanish

It’s nice to see that our friends in foreign lands can be just as insanely, pathetically nerdy as we are here in the States, as evidenced by this highly awesome Spanish rap song about Dragonball, passed to me by noble TR reader Fishdick, who sends this rough translation:

“Yeah, excuse me, kamehameha. After the tetrix thing comes the Dragon Ball rap. Who didn’t see that tv show have no childhood. Big Bang Attack attacks from Namek planet. Vegeta, Son Goku. Saiyan rivalries. Get longer the cane, it sucks in spanish,it’s more cool in catalan. I prefer the “nubol kickton”. It made me being amazing

Son Gokuh, Goten, Krilin, Yamcha, Chaoz, Ten Shi, young Son Gohan was awesome in the 2nd level. Mr. Satan didn’t get beat Cell as Videl. No one could win Broly. The leyend’s super saiyan. It was needed to beg for all the planet’s energy. Gengy ball burnt Majin Boo. Freezer died by the Trunks’ sword. Ozaru gone crazy and destroyed buildings

1, 2, 3, Fussion. Dragonballs on the world. Take a way with a radar and capsules. Radit died with Gokuh. Vegtta killed Nappa. Gohan was in troubles with the silver warriors. Force gets up to more kilies. Vegeta lets his self under the control of Babidi. Corp Petit and Krillin were converted to stone by Dabra, and the great saiyaman rebels to the city’s terrorists. Dragonball rap. Bojack

Welcome to the Time Temple. One day here means a year away. The droids came from the Dr Gero. Goku was in the 1st position in the World Fighting. It’s funny to see To Pai Pai comming on a trunk. Tulece and the power fruit. Garlick jr became bigger in just a moment, d*mn. Kiao Shin, Vegetto, the potara result. Gogeta fussion with the Pai Pai helping against Yanemba

3th level Gotrunk was a insolent. Sheron gives the life back when someone dies. Olong. Bulma. Dende. The highest power was the 4th level. Special Forces and the Body Change. Dodoria and his friend have been killed. Cooler. Baby. Dragons from every star. Bardock tried to defend his planet. Dragonball. Dragonball Z. It’s art. Dragonball GT. Anyway it rocks.”

It also leads seamlessly into my next regular feature, which is “Things to Say to Ensure You Won’t Get Laid Tonight.” First up: “Hold on, baby. I need to think of something that rhymes with Vegeta.”