…The Hell?

Brad Meltzer's BOOK OF LIES exclusive trailer!

Brad Meltzer is bets known to nerds for writing DC’s Identity Crisis series, although the general populace knows him for his crime fiction. His new novel The Book of Lies has a trailer?which is weird in and of itself?but then the trailer has folks like Josh Whedon and Brian K. Vaughan and the atheist/scholar/guy who wrote God Is Not Great doing this weird, awkward dog and pony show about how the murder weapon Cain used to kill Abel wasn’t found, and how Jerry Siegel’s?the guy who co-created Superman?dad was shot and killed, and implying that perhaps the two are sinisterly connected, although this is done through dramatic pauses and no actual information, real or otherwise. Now, this very much sounds like one of the dumbest books I’ve ever heard of, but I’ll give Meltzer credit that it might be great. However, I can fault him for making this ridiculous trailer, which does nothing but make the book sound ridiculous. Joss Whedon might write great shows, but I do not trust him to know the secret divine conspiracies which lie hidden in this world. Sorry, Joss.