Tolkien Wants You to Mutilate Yourself

Uhh…you’re looking at a picture of a young girl who decided she wanted pointy elf ears. Rather than buy some plastic ear doohickeys available at any Halloween store, she decided to cut her ears up, stitch them back together in a point, and use the above (very different) plastic doohickey to force her ear to grow back into an elven shape.

Now, I’m very much for letting nerds be nerds. In fact, if you want to wear your Star Trek costume or your Naruto headband out in public, I say go for it?but do not kid yourself you aren’t a huge fucking nerd, and won’t be laughed at constantly. I’m going to place self-made elf ears well above the Naruto headband for turning yourself into a nerd-based social pariah. The headband can be quickly taken off before you get in a situation where the football team is going to beat you up. Elf ears…that’s like having the Batman logo tattooed on your forehead. You can’t hide that shit. And worse, when you’re grown-up and need to get an accounting job, unless the middle manager interviewing you is also a 5-level cleric on the side, you’re fucked. (Via Holy Taco)