Wonder Woman and Deathstroke Enter the Mortal Kombat Tournament (Updated)

Four new MK Vs. DC combatants were announced by Midway at the Leipzig Games Convention today: Wonder Woman, which no one should be surprised by; Deathstroke the Terminator, which is probably the DC character best suited to the Mortal Kombat universe; and MK‘s Raiden and Kano, which…is actually too boring for me to bother thinking of something witty to say. You can see the odd character render of WW up above?I’m trying to decide if I’m more concerned why her head is so weird-looking and thin, or if I’m more perplexed why Midway, which has never shied away from T&A in MK, has decided to cover the entirety of her breasts. I’m not upset, mind you?it’s actually kind of refreshing to not see Wonder Woman’s breasts?it’s just…unusual. Anyways, no pics of the game’s Deathstroke or Green Lantern have surfaced, but I’m keeping a look-out.

Update: Mysterious and well-dressed TR commenter u_nick found pics of Green Lantern and Joker in action over at Kotaku. Check ’em out.