Catwoman Has a Heart

…it’s just about 17 miles away from the rest of her body.

Yes, Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle, had involuntary heart surgery in the most recent issue of Detective Comics, thanks to Hush, who is now apparently an evil doctor. Polite Dissent has a wonderful list of all the stupid doctoring/medicine that goes on in this issue here, including the totally impractical dozens-of-tubes-inserted-into-open-wounds machine you see above, as well as the sheer impossibility of taking out Catwoman’s heart, driving her to a hospital, and then doctors hooking her up to the doohickey and her still being alive.

But that’s not all! There’s an actual potential Batman spoiler after the jump…

So you’re looking at the cover of Batman #685, which I snagged from Newsarama. And while you might think you’re looking at Batman and Robin…well, you’re not. Exactly.

Notice the bat-logo on Batman’s chest, and how it’s slightly different from the usual take. Note that Batman is much slimmer than he’s been depicted for the last decade or so. Note that Robin seems extra young to be Tim Drake, and his head is significantly rounder. Since this issue takes place after the Batman R.I.P. story, the rumor mill says this is none other than Dick Grayson/a.k.a first Robin/a.k.a. Nightwing as Batman, and Batman’s son/assassin Damian wearing the tights of the Boy Wonder. I’m sure this change will be permanent, and we’ll never see Bruce Wayne again.