The Gremlins Have Upgraded to Video on Demand

When I’m looking for a bit of madness to end the day, I can always count on the fine gentlemen of Japanator to provide something wonderful, even of the non-anime variety. For instance, this fucking amazing video, which takes the classic Gremlins-take-over-the-projector-room gag from the second movie, and posits what might happen today. So there’s nothing wrong with your internet or your YouTube player. Do stick around for all seven minutes?I don’t want to spoil anything, but both Batman and Indiana Jones are involved.

And if you don’t have even the beleaguered attention span for that, I can’t help but point you to this mesmerizing deleted scene from The Dark Knight over at YTMND. I have to admit, I’ve probably watched it for about three hours of my total life-span so far, so you’ve been warned.