The Joker’s Going Find It Rather Easy to Kill Robin in Lego Batman

In the comics, the Jason Todd Robin was stupid enough to chase after the Joker, allowing the villain to capture him, beat him with a crowbar, and blow him the hell up. In Lego Batman, Robin is stupid enough to do tricks on his bike without a helmet, and leap off buildings to his certain Lego death (plastic pieces strewn everywhere). Some folks have grumbled this game isn’t taking Batman seriously enough, which strikes me as hilariously asinine?it’s a Lego game, for fuck’s sake, and if you can’t laugh at Robin’s prolonged, hideous scream when he plummets off the building, I have no time for you.

Of course, this simply reminds me that I have a copy of The Force Unleashed right next to me, which I can’t play until I post at least two more articles. You bastard readers.