Delgo?Fantasy CG Movie or Something I Accidentally Stepped In?

What the hell is this? I don’t really know. Delgo appears to be a semi-major CG-animated film coming out this holiday, of some weird fantasy world of dragons, fairies, and some kind of fleshy lizard people. It looks like the filmmakers of made the bold choice of making their main characters disgusting to look at, much like the hideous gelflings in The Dark Crystal, a movie I loathe to this day. Of course, when you have the vocal talents of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt, it’s hard to imagine that mass audiences won’t fall in love with its nose-challenged protagonist, or his goofy-ass fantasy world. And if not, there’s still a fart joke and a crotch-shot just in case. Delgo can’t lose! (Via Filmdrunk)