Green Lantern and the Flash’s MK Vs DC Fatalities Are as Awesome as You’d Expect

Assuming, of course, you have a lick of sense and thus expected them to be terrible. First of all, they’re not called “Fatalities,” as we knew, but instead are called “Heroic Brutalities” which is actually so ridiculous and nonsensical it’s a little awesome.

Unfortunately, the actual moves don’t match up. The Flash runs around in a circle, makes a little hurricane, and then punches his opponent, which would be lame as a regular special movie. Green Lantern, meanwhile, creates an energy ball around his foe, then shrinks it violently, which manges to be both visually unexciting and still far more violent than just killing him, since it clearly reduces the guy into a small ball of flesh, with his spine and bones obviously in pieces. Brutal? Yes. Heroic? Not so much, I’m thinking.