Mila Kunis Is Kind of Awesome Beyond Words

Uh…wow. Seriously, WoW. Watch this clip of not unattractive actress Mila Kunis on last week’s Jimmy Kimmel (fast-forward to the 3:50 mark) and listen to her talk lovingly and informedly about World of Warcraft?a game she loves so much that 1) she only calls it “the game” and 2) she had to quit a year ago, as she was too obsessed (she seems incredibly up-to-date on recent game developments for having quit, incidentally). The idea of Mila Kunis playing WoW is kind of mind-shatteringly amazing, like the discover of cold fusion, or a monkey performing open heart surgery. Like a devastatingly sexy woman playing the world’s nerdiest computer game, these things aren’t supposed to be able to happen.