Next-Gen Castlevania: The Taunting

All right, guys?you know the drill. Get your hopes up immediately, and just wait for them to be dashed on the hard rocks which surround Dracula’s castle?Konami unveiled the above 30-second, utterly uninformative teaser trailer for a next-gen Castlevania (not the wretched 3D fighting game, mind you, an actual new Castlevania), already set for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Now, it looks like it’s going to star Symphony of the Night‘s Alucard to me, but that could be another exceptionally pretty pale guy; of course, the real question is whether it’s going to be in 3D or 2D (with 3D models, natch). Kotaku asked the question, and Konami shrugged?meaning we’re all going to hope for 2D, and be utterly crushed when we find out otherwise.