Something’s Up with the Watchmen Movie Ending

You might have been spoiled for this news already, but I’m going to play it safe and put the controversy regarding the ending of the Watchmen movie after the jump?specifically, that it might have changed from the graphic novel. Hit the jump for the full hoohah.

In the original graphic novel, part of Ozymandius’ master plan was to unless a giant squid on New York City. Now, a few of the movie’s cast members have previously alluded to a “monster” in the film’s finale, so everyone thought the giant squid was kosher.

However! Based on some test screenings of the full but unfinished movie, folks?who hilariously were made to sign non-disclosure agreements at the preview?immediately got online to say the squid had been replaced with a Dr. Manhattan-level energy reactor which Ozymandius uses to blow up various cities around the globe. So.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m not dissing Moore or anything?it was a perfectly fine lot device in an ’80s comic book?but having a giant squid show up in a movie as otherwise realistic and dark as Watchmen would be incredibly jarring for today’s mass audiences. I think it’s probably a good move. Incidentally, Collider says Kevin Smith says that it works out better for the characters, which is more important than squids (as you guys have pointed out, Smith’s track record with movie recommendations is hardly stellar, but I thought it worth pointing out).

On the other, director Zack Snyder has gone on and on about how faithful he wanted to be to the graphic novel, and it seems like he could have mentioned taking out the big fucking squid during anyone of of those interviews, so it didn’t come out of left field like this. At any rate, I’m sure Moore is laughing his massively haired head off at the fanboy dismay today. Your thoughts? (Via Spoiler TV)