Toy of the Week: 1/18 Hot Wheels Super Elite 1966 Batmobile

Confession time?my favorite Batmobile is actually the one from the ’60s show. To me, a car with an actual bat theme isn’t intimidating, as much as it signifies Batman stole the design from a 10-year-old who was bored in math class; besides, I rate putting a large bat-head in front of or wings on the side of your car only slightly above putting neon in your undercarriage. And the new Batmobile, the tumbler, is too much of a design mess to be interesting.

So it’s the ’60s West n’ Ward-carrying Batmobile for me, and Mattel, too?they’ve made the above limited edition replica, and packed in more detail than I’ve ever heard of on a Hot Wheel. Check out this list o’ features from Big Bad Toy Store:

? opening hood, doors, trunk
? metal parts – black seat buckles, front light grill covers, front grill screen, rear tail light grill covers, brass colored radar, parachute cable wires, siren lighting cover, rear silver speaker grills, door handles, door sill plates, window frames, red rockets, jet engine plates
? seat belts
? 2 soft goods parachutes
? flocked ABS interior
? painted PVC seats, dash buttons and lever
? black jet engine with stainless steel braided fuel lines and red & blue hose fittings

At $270, this thing has everything but the shark repellent, although that also makes sense, since that was stored in the Bat-copter. Order it here.