Breaking: There’s a Snoopy Videogame That’s Kind of Awesome

Seriously, hear me out. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy, that there’s no way any Snoopy videogame could ever be anything other than mediocre at best. But watch this trailer for Smart Bomb’s Snoopy: World War I Flying Ace, and witness:

? A shockingly good-looking flight combat sim
? Some fun, Mario Kart-esque power-ups and weapons
? A solid sense of humor, evidenced by the intro
? Generic, Peanuts-style WWI German soliders

Did you hear me? The game features German soldiers, as if they were drawn by Charles Schulz?seriously, it looks like Charlie Brown is holding a gun on Snoopy. If that’s not worth at least a rental, I don’t know what is. (Via Kotaku)