Every Single Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Fatality

Meaning there should be very little reason left to buy the game. If you can sit through all 8 minutes of Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities?and not die from boredom?you may notice a few things (oh, the DC moves start at 3:45-ish, if you want to skip ahead):

? The MK characters’ Fatalities are all incredibly, incredibly lame. What MK fan wants to play an MK without gore or violence?
? The DC characters don’t fare much better, but occasionally there’s a Heroic Brutality where a DC superhero obviously kills his opponent, like when Green Lantern crushes his foe in a ball. Wacky!
? Does Batman really have a Heroic Brutality where bats swarm his opponent, and then the opponent just kind of falls down? Yes, apparently so.
? I hate to say it, but after watching Wonder Woman’s gravity-defying breasts?especially when she’s knocked on her back?I have to admire Japan’s incredibly advanced breast motion graphics. Overall, it’s less weird, strangely.
? Okay, Liu Kang does have one good Fatality. But I still don’t understand why Sonya Blade can blow kisses that set people on fire.
? Last but not least, this video includes the Joker’s original Fatality, where he shoots his opponent in the head, on-screen, which was changed to shooting his opponent’s head off-screen. Now, this is a Teen game. In the Dark Knight Returns, the Joker shoves a pencil through someone’s eye, graphically, and in the comics, he’s beaten Robin to death with a crowbar and shot and paralyzed Barbara Gordon…graphically. Anyone else notice a bit of a double standard here?

Much thanks to noble TR reader Scholler for the tip.