Finally, A Legal Way to Punch Animals

This is hardly the biggest game announcement, but I couldn’t resist sharing it. Behold Animal Boxing, the Nintendo DS game where you…wait for it…punch a wide variety of animals in the face. Now, if it were just animals beating each other, I wouldn’t be quite so enamored, but as the game’s cover shows, you are very much a human who has decided to fight the animal kingdom, one on one, in the boxing ring. I have no idea what this kid’s motivation is–I’m very much hoping his parents where savagely killed by animals and this is his revenge, or at the very least he’s going to eat all his defeated opponents.

Incidentally, PETA just freaked out because Cooking Mama–a Wii and DS game series which teaches kids how to cook, featuring some vegetarian dishes in there as well–had the gall to use meat as an occasional ingredient. They should go insane when they hear about this. Not that I disapprove or treating animals better, but shouldn’t PETA actually solve all real world animal right issues before they start freaking out about videogame animals? (Also, no one tell them about Pok?mon.)