This Is What Happens when R2-D2 Passes Out Drunk

…all his droid friends, theoretically playing a practical joke but secretly resenting the way he’s the star of the Star Wars franchise and has countless, inexplicable attachments for every situation, fill him up with gravel and fish, and send him to the Jawa crap-merchandising company Hammacher Shlemmer to be sold to people with too many Imperial credits on their hands. Despite being an aquarium, R2 beeps and swivels his head, which probably freaks out the fish?you can check yourself, since his telescoping eye-thing works as a reverse periscope, allowing you to see right into the middle of the aquarium..

You can buy it here for $130, but if you do, please double-check the inside of R2 before you pour in the water. I just know we’re going to find a drowned Kenny Baker in one of these things. (Via Gizmodo)