Watchmen Trifecta: Behind the Scenes, Videogame, GiantSquidGate

? MTV interview director Zack Snyder on set in this clip, which shows Studio 54 from Watchmen‘s beginning. I’d say the most noteworthy thing is how many copies of the graphic novel are there on set?it’s practically the shooting script.

? Pics from the Watchmen videogame have popped up, and I think all of us nerds feel pretty awkward about it. I mean, this is exactly the sort of thing Alan Moore was worried about, although technically it shouldn’t affect the movie for good or ill. In case you don’t remember, the game is about Rorschach and Nite Owl beating up bad guys in the ’70s, before the Keene Act. God only knows what the story will be.

? Snyder also got interviewed by Empire Online, where he said the film is 2 1/2 hours, there’ll be a 3 hour director’s cut for DVD, and then the Tales of the Black Freighter cartoon will be another 1/2. Of course, GiantAlienSquidGate was brought up.

Secondly, and more spoileriffically, there has been a change to the book’s “squid ending”, as one questioner put it. Snyder was asked what he has against squid, and had this to say: “Well, I had a horrible calamari incident as a child.”
[Hyuk hyuk! -Ed.]

But seriously, folks. “I have nothing against it. But the squid represents something that would have had to have been illuminated through extra story. We would have had to sacrifice character to story and character is more important to me.”

What they’ve come up with, said Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons, is something that is true to “the tone, the moral ambiguity of the book”. Just not involving, y’know, big squidy-looking things. And in any case Gibbons says, “It’s not a squid; it’s a fifth-dimensional cephalopod”. So there.

I can’t help but think that the “extra story” he’s referring to is Ozy’s island of geniuses, as that’s pretty much all that’s needed to set up the Squid?so my bet is all of that has been cut out. Now, feel free to freak the fuck out in the comments?it’s what we nerds do, after all?but for me, it’s all going to depend on if the new ending works, and in the same way. Gibbons likes it, and while he’s not Alan Moore, he’s not exactly an idiot either. Hmm…