12 Inches of Cobra Cannon Fodder

Sideshow’s third 12-inch G.I. Joe figure has been revealed as the poor bastards who toil pitifully for the insane ex-used car salesman and snack-themed clone dictator who lead them. Which begs the question–who are these guys? Why have they joined Cobra? It’s not like Cobra is religious, they just want to rule the world. But even if Cobra won, it’s not like these guys would get a slice of that pie–they’d still have to clock 8-hour shifts watching over and occasionally gunning down the populace. I’m just sayin’.

Whatever. Here’s the specs:
? Cobra Trooper portrait with facemask
? Helmet
? Shirt with COBRA insignias
? Pants
? Boots
? Detailed belt
? Smersh rig with buttpack
? AK 74 with folding stock
? AK 74 magazine
? AK 74 bayonet with sheath
? Gun sight
? Grenade launcher with round
? Kneepads
? Handgun with magazine and leg holster
? Canteen with fabric cover
? 3 sets of interchangeable gloved hands
? 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo

? Incredible eye bags, indicating a total lack of sleep for the past several days or some kind of crippling drug addiction

Okay, maybe I added that last one myself, but look at him and tell me I’m wrong! You can pre-order the Trooper here; he’s due early next summer and cost $99. All proceeds will go to the Cobra Troopers Retirement Fund, although no Cobra Trooper has yet lived past the age of 43.