A Watchmen Post That’s Not Actually Bad News

Watchmen Exclusive

…because it’s just another one of those MySpace watchmen featurettes, worth watching because there’s a lot of new footage tucked away in there, including Moloch, Doc Manhattan actually disintegrating a Vietnamese soldier, the tenement fire, Mars, and more. Non-haters, there’s plenty to be excited by. Haters, you may continue to hate in the comments–actually, one of the clips of Silk Spectre seemed especially dodgy to me–but I don’t think you can hate on director Zack Snyder’s incredibly obtuse character descriptions, because remember, this feature is for MySpace and its denizens, 60% are teenage whores. He’s describing the characters to them, not us, so I don’t think this is evidence of him not “getting it.” Just sayin’. (Via /Film)