Burnout’s “Jansen 88 Special” in Action

If memory serves, the “Jansen 88 Special” is Burnout‘s non-copyright-infringing version of the Back to the Future Delorean, complete with flaming tire tracks and the ability to hover. Criterion’s video podcast, above, finally shows off what the car looks like in action, and if you can get past or ignore the “Night Before Christmas” parody poem, it’s well worth a look (you can skip to 1:30 as well). The car can even go above 88mph, since you’d lose every single Burnout race race you played if you maxed out at that speed.

Remember, the 88 Special is one of four special cars coming to Burnout in the next few months: the Cavalry Bootlegger (likely the General Lee), Manhattan Spirit (probably the Ecto-1) and GT Nighthawk (possibly KITT). Well done, Criterion. Well done indeed. (Via Joystiq)