Everything’s Turning Up Roses in Lost Season 5

Here’s two minutes of season 5 premiere of Lost, which while not revealing anything momentous (shocking, right? I was totally expecting the preview to finally explain the four-toed statue), does a nice reminder that everyone’s going to be miserable until the Oceanic 6 return to the island. Also, MovieWeb has some quotes from Lindelof and Cuse, who say (after I translated then into handy bullet form):

? Jin is returning, but goodness knows if he’s alive or dead.
? No flashbacks or flashforwards in season 5. I’m assuming this means they’ll be telling several stories in several time zones simultaneously, so to speak.
? Jack’s dead dad will also return, and something’s going on with his shoes.
? Desmond and Penny are screwed.
? There won’t be anymore Libby info, but there will be more on Walt and Rousseau.
? They still swear they’ll explain the four-toed statue.

I am so, so ready for January 21st, if only because it’ll be nice to watch a serialized drama that’s not actively trying to kill me (cough *Heroes* cough).