G.I. Joe Wave 13 Makes No Damn Sense

resluteduke.jpgThumbnail image for resolutecobra.jpg

What’s the deal, Hasbro? Wave 13 has Resolute versions of Duke, Cobra Trooper (both above) and Cobra Commander (shown previously), but it’s not a Resolute Wave, since it also has Blowtorch, Torch (the Dreadnok), and a repaint of Firefly. So two new Classic figures, one re-paint, and three Resolute figures. I don’t want to tell you your jobs, but shouldn’t there be some kind of coherency to these things? At the very least, shouldn’t you at least not put the guys named Torch and Blowtorch in the same damn wave? HissTank has in-package pics of the other figures, all of which are supposed hitting stores now.