How to Get Beaten Up by Athletes and Star Wars Nerds Alike

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These are Star Wars sports jerseys. I’m not sure what twisted mind conceived of these abominations, but I’m thinking it’s the devil, because only a being or supreme evil could have imagined combined two more disparate elements. As a reasonably big football fan and a huge Star Wars nerd, I guess I’m technically the target audience for this line, but I’m also a big enough fan of both to know that I should never, ever wear one of these atrocities.

I’m not making these the Geek Apparel of the Week, because I don’t want anybody to accidentally to get the idea that they should wear these. Admittedly, if you head here and view the full line, there’s a less-offensive football jersey and a Vader hockey jersey that actually looks a little cool. But don’t fall for it! And especially don’t buy any of the sleeveless basketball jerseys. You can kind of get away with wearing a sleeveless shirt if you have ripped arms, but if you’re buying Star Wars shirts, you do not have the necessary arms. Pure math. Thanks to Mark for the tip.