Movie Trifecta: Tron, Green Hornet, Machine Girl

? The box is back, baby! Bruce Boxleitner has signed on from Tron 2, which most industry magazines are calling Tron 2.0 instead of TRZ or Tr2n or whatever stupid-ass name Disney is currently using. Good for everybody else. Say, can anyone explain what the hell he was doing in Heroes? (Via /Film)

? Something is wrong with Stephen Chow and The Green Hornet. When the project was first announced this past summer with Chow as director, Seth Rogen was already talking about the communication problem with Chow, who doesn’t speak English. Then a couple of weeks ago, Rogen was still talking about the communication problem, which clearly hadn’t been figured out yet. Now some folks are reporting that Chow will not direct the movie, just play Kato, while other folks are reporting that he’ll still direct, but not play Kato. I’m betting in the end he does neither.

? For all you who share my love of Machine Girl, the trailer above is of the spin-off Hajirai Machine Girl, which translates to “Shyness Machine Girl,” of course. It looks cheaper and more terrible than the original in every way, but it does feature a Japanese girl in a bikini with a machine gun sticking out of her ass, so…yeah. (Via Danny Choo)