Watching the Watchmen Clusterf**k

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The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner Bros., recently fucked by Judge Feess’ ruling that Fox indeed has some rights to any Watchmen movie, is ready to take the thing to court instead of settling (at least for now). What this means is that the trial will going on as planned, on January 20th, with Fox’s injunction against the Watchmen release on the line. Fox wins (and they certainly seems to have the advantage with Feess), and the Watchmen movie won’t be released in March; Warner wins and all is well, although they’ll still likely end up paying  Fox some cash at some point. You won’t care, as long as you get to see the film.

Now, everyone who’s not employed by Warner or Fox thinks this is still all posturing by both studios before they reach a settlement. Call me a pessimist, but I’m starting to not think so. If Fox just wanted money, they had months to ask for cash, and if Warner wanted to actually make sure Watchmen hit its March release date, I think they would have ponied up by now, and it’s way too close to the film’s release for either studio to not be going all or nothing. My conclusion: everything is totally fucked. But hey! Some goofy Japanese Watchmen bear toys!
Why Medicom is making Watchmen Bearbricks and not regular Kubricks I have no idea. But the thought that Alan Moore, who is certainly laughing maniacally at the Watchmen lawsuit has to die a little seeing adorable Watchmen bear toys gives me some comfort.