A TARDIS Full of Doctor Who Toys

Keep in mind that of the few things I know about Doctor Who–oh, excuse me, “The Doctor”–is that the TARDIS is much bigger on the inside than the out. Which is good, becuase Underground Toys next sets of Who figures are not insignificant. Above is Series 4, which apparently comes with a Vespiform build-a-figure; the figures from left-to-right starting with Row 1 include: Davros, Donna Noble, Hath Peck, Natural Ood; Row 2 includes Ood Sigma, Pyrovile Priestess, Professor River Song, Sontaran Trooper (apparently Sontaran General Staal is also part of the wave, and not pictured); and Row 3 has a Supreme Dalek, a pile of 25 Aidpose Adipose, the awesome Vashta Nerada Suit Creature (I love undead astronauts, what can I say) and the Vespiform itself.

Now you can head to ToyNewsI to see the other series, which include Jabe, the Clockwork Man, Astrid Peth (and if any of you bastards start dissing Kylie Minogue you will see how insane I am), Bannakaffalatta, the Master Regenerated, a Old and Ancient 10th Doctor two-pack (which is quite creepy) with a Geith Phantom build-a-figure.

So Who toy fans–I have a question. Clearly Underground Toys is devoted to giving you a huge range of figures, and not just dozens of Doctors in each series. Is that awesome, or is that annoying? I know that a lot of us bitch when toylines are clogged with useless variants of Batman or Luke Skywalker, but when you like to have at least one regular Doctor in each series? There’s no way they’ve gotten to all ten, right?