Batman’s Dead, Long Live the, Uh…Four Batmen

Now that Batman is officially resting in piece or whatever, I thought it was time to take a look at this promo for the next Batman event, “Battle for the Cowl.” As you can see, there are now four Batmen, and that’s not counting the dude who is assumably Bruce Wayne in the tux over on the right.

So who are these four dudes? I have no idea. But the general consensus from Newsarama is that, the kid standing with Wayne is Damien, his son by Talia. Why Batwoman and Harley Quinn are hanging out I have no idea. But regarding the Bats, from left to right: the Batman with the staff is Tim Drake, since his Robin frequently used a staff and this Batman seems shorter than the others; the classic Batman would probably be Dick Grayson/Nightwing; the split-in-two Batman would be Two-Face; and then the one with the guns would be Jason Todd, who’s belligerent enough to like the guns.

One assumes their names are Batboy, Cyborg Batman, Steal, and the Eradicator.