Fan Fiction Friday: Jazz and Bumblee in “Uninvited”

There’s two things you need to know about this story, co-written by Harley Quinn hyenaholic and Ryan. First, it’s about the new Transformers Animated versions of Jazz and Bumblebee, although if you’d like you can probably re-frame it as whichever versions you’d like. Here’s the second thing:

Harley: This will not be pleasant. A Transformers Animated fic that may
or may not be a one-shot. You saw the warnings. Sexual abuse abound in
this one-shot. But I’m tired of people seemingly thinking that rape is
the only sexual abuse worth writing about. So, I arranged this with

Ryan: It gets pretty nasty, but there is no technical penetration. It
does not go ‘all the way’, or involve vast amounts of physical pain, or
even any particular malice, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less
traumatising, which is kind of the point Harley wanted to get across.

Harley: Decepticon/Autobot sexual abuse just seemed too clich?. So I
remembered that time I wrote about Sonic raping Amy, and this is
Autobot/Autobot. It’s Jazz doing it because he was the only Autobot I
could even vaguely imagine doing something like this.

I admit I’m morbidly curious to find out if you guys think consensual Powerpuff Girls sex is more or less disturbing than non-consensual Transformers sex. Let’s find out after the jump, shall we?

Bumblebee was still humming happily to himself when he rounded the
corner a little too quickly, and collided suddenly with Jazz. He rather
liked Jazz. He considered the cyberninja the most interesting and
coolest of the Elite Guard. He was nothing like as dull as Prowl, and
he was friendly too. Still, he was bigger and more important than
Bumblebee all the same, “Whoops!” he grinned, stepping back, “My bad,
Jazz.” He made to step around the cyberninja.

Jazz planted his arm onto the wall, blocking Bumblebee’s way, “Sorry,
dude, but I don’t think so. Not to be a glitch-head or anything, but
I’m havin’ kind of an off day, so you’re gonna have to come up with
somethin’ better than that.” Poor guy. Jazz knew he didn’t have to be
rude, but Bumblebee just didn’t get the way you were supposed to
respect your superiors.

“Uh…” Bumblebee couldn’t think of anything else to say. He’d
apologised and was going to step around Jazz, not make the bigger ‘bot
step around him. He sure wasn’t going to grovel for forgiveness, “I’m
sorry?” he tried, and tried to step around Jazz again, moving to duck
under his arm.

Jazz caught Bumblebee by the arm, “Follow me,” he said, and tugged the
yellow Autobot into a storage room, quietly locking the door, “Hey,
look, don’t sweat it. I’m just going through a lot of slag right now.
Prime’s on my case, Decepticreeps are hiding, etc. Not trying to be
mean, just on edge, you dig?”

I don’t dig, actually. I don’t dig in the slightest. But then, that’s because I know what happens after Jazz drags Bumblebee into a small room and locks the door.

“Because I could do with some help to take the edge off, that’s all,”
Jazz replied, “And I don’t want us to be disturbed.” He hoped Bumblebee
would agree, because he really needed this, “Just one time. Come on,
help a buddy out, okay?”

“Uh, okay,” Bumblebee said uncertainly, “What do you want me to do?” Whatever it was, it couldn’t be too bad, right?

“Just keep still, man,” Jazz said, and started nibbling and licking at his neck, “Stay cool, okay?”

“Hey!” Bumblebee squeaked, suddenly taken aback, “What are you doing? I
didn’t… I wasn’t…” He was suddenly very confused, and a little
scared. What was Jazz doing? He’d thought the cyberninja just wanted to
talk or something; he couldn’t imagine why he’d do this.

Jazz quickly clapped his hand over Bumblebee’s mouth and moved his lips
to the other side of Bumblebee’s neck, “Come on, man… you
promised…” he said in a low voice, and began rubbing his free hand
down the yellow Autobot’s side.

Bumblebee squeaked again, not understanding. He was very young, and
while not entirely naive, had never engaged in anything like this
before. Nonetheless, some deep, inner instinct was telling him that
while the touch wasn’t hard or painful, there was something wrong with
it. He’d promised, but now he was finding himself so confused and
surprised that he couldn’t really enjoy the light touch, even though he
felt he was supposed to. He suddenly writhed in Jazz’s grip, but of
course the highly trained Elite Guard was much too strong for him.

The fact that no aspect of their robot-ness has been yet mentioned is what makes this so chilling to me. I mean, this really could be the horrible rape of any boy by a man. Blech. So I’m fast-forwarding to the robot stuff:

Jazz continued to touch Bumblebee, sliding open both covers. His
fingers stroked around them in circles, and then he eased the Autobot’s
cable out of one. He cupped the incredibly sensitive sensory bundles in
one hand and juggled them gently, feeling the cable start to become
erect. He then stroked along the length of it with a finger several
times. During all this, Bumblebee was wearing an expression of acute
shock, but Jazz paid it no never mind. He was just nervous, that was
all. Had to be.

Bumblebee squealed again, horrified. Nobody had ever touched his
interface cable before, except himself out of curiosity a few times.
Jazz’ light touch was making him swell up and become hard, but the fear
had increased substantially. What Jazz was doing was frightening, and
Bumblebee’s own response was humiliating for him.

After stroking Bumblebee’s frontal port and cable for several minutes
and bringing it to its full length, Jazz removed his own crotch plating
and slid open his own frontal port, then eased out his own cable, which
was already becoming erect, and started to rub it against Bumblebee’s,
“That’s it…” he purred softly.

Bumblebee had never seen another mech’s cable before, let alone been
touched by one, “No! Don’t!” he cried out. He didn’t know why Jazz was
doing this, and he didn’t know how far Jazz was going to go, and he
didn’t even understand entirely what was going on. He couldn’t stop
Jazz; he was smaller and weaker than the Elite Guard Autobot. The
stroke of Jazz’ cable against his own was unbearable, but he was almost
paralysed with fear, and even began to cry, oily tears welling up in
his optics.

Yes, a robot is being molested and he’s crying. Just try to get that image out of your head.

Jazz was clearly enjoying Bumblebee’s whines and whimpers of ‘pleasure’
and the way he was writhing in ‘arousal’. Bumblebee was nervous, but
he’d take it slow and gentle so that he didn’t really frighten the
younger, less experienced mech. The more he did this, the more oil
began to build up in his own cable, while Bumblebee’s port became ever
slicker and oil began to bead at the tip of his cable, just as it was
doing with Jazz’. It absolutely proved that Bumblebee was enjoying this
just as much as he was.

Bumblebee had all but stopped struggling. Fear paralysed his body, but
he still gave instinctive bucks and twitches. Fighting Jazz was
impossible. Not fighting him was unbearable. The touch of Jazz’ hands
against his ports was not only terrifying; it was deeply humiliating,
reminding him of how powerless he was right now. He gave a whimper of
fear that could be heard through the kiss, but again Jazz assumed it
was pleasure, and intensified his touches. Why is Jazz doing this? Bumblebee thought frantically, Why won’t he stop? Why? Why? Why?!


Jazz groaned in pleasure, nearing his release. He began to rub and
grind his body up and down against Bumblebee’s, pressing their swollen,
erect, nearly bursting cables together. The tip of one finger slipped
into Bumblebee’s moist frontal port, bringing out squeal out of him,
and swirled slowly inside him,not going any deeper than Jazz’ first
joint. Meanwhile his right hand was busy with coaxing Bumblebee’s
trembling fingers to play with Jazz’ own frontal port, which had been
begging for attention, “Almost there, bud. Hope you’re ready…”

“No! No!” Bumblebee wailed…


Bumblebee wanted to scream. It didn’t matter where Jazz touched him; he
shuddered in terror, yet the more he showed fear, the more Jazz seemed
to really believe he was enjoying it. Tears poured down his cheeks;
tears of fear and humiliation. He hated Jazz, but he hated himself.

Fuck, I want to scream. This shit is horrible. I’m skipping the whole oil orgasm section, because I really need to get downstairs and pour boiling water in my ear until my brain gets clean. Let’s go ahead and wrap this up.

“Mmmm…” he sighed in pleasure with a lazy smile on his face, before
releasing Bumblebee. He closed his port, let his cable retract, and
replaced his own crotch-plating carefully, covering most of the mess.
He then headed to the door and unlocked it, peering outside to make
sure nobody was around. When this was confirmed, he looked back at
Bumblebee, smiling again, “Thanks, Bee. I really needed that. Catch ya
later, lil’ bud!” With his stress released, the cyberninja walked out
of the storage closet, heading back to his room, to give himself a
quick washdown.

Catch you later. The words made Bumblebee shake more than ever.
Still weeping, he tried to wipe most of Jazz’ filthy oil off his torso,
covered his port, and clipped his crotch armour back on. A few minutes
passed, until suddenly he burst out of the storage closet, running to
his own room in tears. He flung himself down onto his bunk, caring
nothing that he was smearing the cum on his body onto the berth. After
a few seconds, he released an anguished sob.

Then he put his hands over his optics, and began to weep more than
ever. Every now and then he drummed his feet on the bed. The sobs
seemed to start at his feet, and got bigger and bigger as the worked
their way up over his chassis, and gulped their way out of his mouth.

Dirty! He felt so DIRTY! Jazz had touched him, but he’d
touched the cyberninja too! Jazz had cum over him, but he’d cum too! He
was supposed to enjoy it all, but the fear had smothered every other
feeling, and even as he remembered it, and Jazz’ last words to him,
more terror smothered him.

He didn’t understand what had just happened, but he knew one thing for sure.

He never, never wanted to feel that way ever again.

Me either, Bumblebee. Me either. I also don’t want to wonder why any person would spend any amount of time creating a story where a big robot molests a little robot, although I will give the two credit for making me feel just as horrible and dirty and Bumblebee seems to — they really got the horror and evil across, possibly because they are horrible, evil people. Catch you later!