Fan Fiction Friday: “The Rewards of Little Girls”

JackieChan Cuarta Temporada.jpgI told you last week that this story was going to sting, and I wasn’t lying. If the incredibly creepy title doesn’t give it away, rest assured this fan fic from Raisetheroof911 (and I’m morbidly curious if the 911 refers to the emergency call number or September 11th) is super fucking creepy and wrong and you’ll never wash the horror off, thanks to it being a super-crossover-mega event with Jackie Chan Adventures, the Powerpuff Girls, and Lilo & Stitch. The story begins with a guy named Steven–and I’m not sure if he’s from a cartoon or not, actually, although it’s very plausibly the author’s real first name–coming home to find Jackie Chan’s niece Jade and Lilo chatting.

“Oh my! Look we are terribly sorry for coming in here unannounced.
Please forgive us! Its just, we found your keys, and decided to make
your home our secret base for today.” Lilo said speaking for her and

“Umm…” Steven tried to say, but was cut off by Lilo.

“I know. It was a bad idea. We could not help are selves. How can we ever make it up to you?”

“Umm…” Steven tried to say, but was cut off by, Jade this time.

“Perhaps, we could I don’t know…please you in some way, to make it up
to you.” Jade said seducing him, while she brushed her non-fully
blossomed, breasts against his chest, with only her and his shirt in
the way of her breasts.

This rendered Steven almost speechless. “Umm…umm… sure!” he managed to
say. “After all, what you two girls did was very naughty.” He added,
now lost in his sexual desires.

Boom! Went all Lilo’s, Jade’s, and Steven’s clothes in the air. Like,
they had a raging fire on them that would turn them into crisp chicken,
if they did nothing about it.

Raisetheroof911 may be a twisted, depraved soul, but he can certainly craft a metaphor. I genuinely have no idea which line is more fantastic: “Boom! Went all their clothes” or “hey had a raging fire on them that would turn them into crisp chicken.” Frankly, I may have to talk to VVM about getting some shirts made.

Before they were to begin Lilo started off with a question, “who has a sexier body? Jade, or…”

“Lilo” Jade said finishing Lilo sentence.

Please recall Lilo looks like this:
This should provide the appropriate context for this scene, which is pure, unmitigated horror.

Steven took a long time, before answering this question. While he
thought about his answer, he gazed up and down each one of their
bodies, making the girls blush in embarrassment. Finally, he reached
his decision, “definitely both of you. Jade, because of your slim
figure, and Lilo because of your cute, A minus breasts.” this made the
girls light up in sheer happiness, because if there was anything girls
worried about mostly it was how they looked.

Now, that this question was over with, it was time for the SEX.

That Steven always knows how to charm the 6-year-old ladies! It is also TIME FOR THE HITTING OF THE JUMP.

It’s going to get rocky from here on out, folks.

It was not long after, until Lilo noticed Steven’s dick had stop
growing; and boy, oh; boy did it feel big in her mouth. Making an
estimate, she would have to say it was 12 inches, much bigger than the
average dick size of 7inches. The only thing that amused Lilo, was the
fact she could take deep throat his entire piece.

Indeed! How droll!

Jade…would not need Lilo
to beg her to climax. She was more than willing to do it anyways. Just
the thought of having that entire sweetie goodness in her mouth,
started to make her wet. Just to be on the safe side, she decided to
check, reaching down in-between her legs with one of her hands. Yep,
she was wet; soaking wet to be exact. It was too bad there was only the
three of them, because she could really use someone to please her
forbidden sanctum.

I’m glad we’re being exact. For my part, I want to throw up–I want to throw up in horror and disgust, to be exact. Also, I think if a woman ever calls her vagina her “forbidden sactum,” you are required by law to slap her.

Almost, like magic. Someone heard her plea, or should I say more than
one heard her. Who where the people, that heard her? It was… the
Powerpuff Girls.

“Alright, who needed are help?” Blossom asked, before she realized what was going on.

“I… need… help… please” Jade mumbled, with her mouth on Lilo’s pussy. “I need… to… cum.” She specified.

I like to imagine the Mayor of Townsville having to make this call. Anyways, Bubbles and Buttercup jump right in, but Blossom holds out, forcing Buttercup to make this impassioned plea for the orgy:

“But, nothing. If we deserve anything from saying the world many times,
its this.” Buttercup said.

Uh-huh. What follows is more graphic Powerpuff sex than I’m comfortable cutting and pasting, but rest assured everyone achieved orgasm, including Stephen, who passes out from the pleasure. This leads to this gem of an idea:

“Well, I know you want to wait until your older and save yourself for
that special someone of yours.” Buttercup said, bating blossom.

“Yes?” blossom replied, taking the bait.

“Well… I saw how you were looking at Steven…” still bating blossom.

‘She got me. Damn it! Now, I bet she is going to tease me for It.’
blossom thought, thing that was what buttercup had in mind, blackmail.

“I think… it would be best” blossom said, very slowly building up the tension.

“Yes, yes” blossom replied still panting mad.

“If you let Steven take your woman hood and finish you off.” This made
blossom scared. I mean sure she would love to, but would she really
want to do it in front of her sisters? But buttercup predicted this
train of thought blossom may had, and decided to encourage her to by
dirty talking her, while rubbing at her breasts. “Blossom, think of
what it would be like to have his big dick plug through your insides,
and the powerful orgasm you will sure have at the end.” This of course
decided blossom’s mind. She was going to DO IT.

‘Boy, oh, boy was that intense.’ This was the only thought that raced
through Steven’s mind, as he awoke from passing out before. Although,
he could still be passed out, because currently lowering herself on his
12inch dick was a scared blossom.

Since I’m currently slitting my wrists and don’t excpect to be around much longer, here’s a few more quick hits:

Taking a deep breath and with her sister holding her hands, did she
plunge strait on down on his massive dive. Surprisingly to blossom, it
did not hurt that much, or make her bleed for that matter.

‘Its probably because I am a super hero’ she thought.


Back with Bubbles and Lilo a.k.a. the eager girls who were in the middle of an orgasm. Found them selves in the yin yangposition.

A little knowledge gained solely by Google is a terrible thing.

Back to Blossom and Steven… Both were ready to cum, but held it in. Therefore, they would not look like idiots for coming to early.

No one likes to look stupid. Finally, the sun rises.

“Oh, my gosh. Its 6:05am, the professor will have a cow if we aren’t
home before 7.” Bubbles said, glancing at Steven’s kitchen clock.

“Why is that?” Steven asked.

“Because, we used to have tendency of staying late to crime fight. So,
we would wake up 7:00 in the morning to check to see if we are in bed.”
buttercup answered for bubbles, still trying to achieve an orgasm.

“Yeah, my older sister will flip too, if I am not home in time for breakfast.” Lilo replied.

Your older sister has a great deal more to be worried about than your morning nutrition, Lilo.

“And I get going to, if I want to get home on time” Jade commented.

So, they all gathered in his shower to clean them selves up.

Quick author’s notes–“But the sex scenes that happened there is another
chapter entirely; one that may or might not be mentioned. Depending, if
I want to continue this or not. Back with the ending of the story.

After the girls cleaned them selves up and were redressed, they said
their good byes to Steven. Thanking him for the good time, they had.
However, not before Steven gave them each a kiss on the lips and a
squeeze on their asses.

Nevertheless, what about the unsatisfied buttercup? Do not worry her
sisters agreed to give her a nice and long orgasm that is… if they got
home in time.

I was so worried!

The End or is it?