I Would Like to Have Sex with this Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Regular TR readers know I loves me some Final Fantasy games. But it just dawned on me today that I haven’t really played what I considered an FF game since FFX, back in 2001. I hate people, so the online FFXI was out for me, FFX-2 was simply a cash grab to keep Sqare afloat after The Spirits Within movie lost a jillion dollars (although I played it), and FFXII was made by a different team in Square, and was weird and awkward and seemed to do very little with the Final Fantasies I love.

So FFXIII is coming, and as the above trailer shows, it’s everything I want. (Actually, you’d do better to check it out in better resolution here — hit United Kingdom for English subtitles — and then come right back.) Weird mish-mash of magic and technology? Check. Preposterous swords? Check. Ridonkulously ornate airships? Standard RPG combat? Check, although it still looks pretty dynamic. Tetsuya Nomura’s patented awesome/retarded character designs? Check. A bunch of absolutely ridiculous pronouns for things and people? Check and check. It has been eight long years since I last lost my mind in a Final Fantasy game, and I would kill everyone of you if it meant I could play it a day earlier. Wait. Okay, let me rephrase that…basically, if I could eye-fuck a video on the internet, my corneas would be smoking cigarettes right now. (Via AnimeVice)