Play Street Fighter, With Toys, on YouTube

As a nerd, I think I’ve got a pretty decent grasp on technology. But I swear to god the above video is absolutely magic. Basically, you hit play on the above video, and pick your character. It will send you to another YouTube video, where you will select your move when the letters glow. This will take you to another video, of you performing the move. Your opponent will attack back, and you’ll get to select another moves. This continues until one of you wins. Oh, and all this is done with animated SOTA Street Fighter II toys.

Fucking amazing.

This masterpiece was made by Patrick Boldin, a “French Canadian autodidact director” according to Kotaku. I’m not sure what that means, but I’d shake his hand for creating the Choose-You-Own-Adventure of the 21st century. Thanks to Mount Prion for the tip.